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A new "Deep Sea Image Database" has been released

January 30, 2009

Submersibles which JAMSTEC operates have collected half a million of still images of deep sea. "Deep Sea Image Database" which disseminates these images has been renewed.

New features of this version are following,

  • A large number of images by digital cameras on SHINKAI6500 and HYPER-DOLPHIN were added. JAMSTEC has been digitizing old negatives. Those sharp images by SHINKAI 6500 were also added to this database.
  • "Search Images by Dive Point" provides the same interface as "JAMSTEC Data Search Portal" which enables users to select an area of interest with mouse, seeing the distribution of dive points.
  • Thumbnails of next and previous image are shown on the image window and users are able to go forth or back without returning to the list of images.

This new version of "Deep Sea Image Database" is available from "JAMSTEC top page" - "Database" - "Deep Sea Image Database", or URL below,

Deep Sea Image Database

New images obtained on the recent cruises will be posted after its moratorium period. JAMSTEC has been digitizing old negatives by a high definition scanner, and these images of KAIKO, DOLPHIN-3K and SHINAKI2000 will be posted.