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Image(s)/Footage Request Form

If you accept the following conditions, please fill out the request form.
Please note that you should indicate your deadline date which is basically at least 10 days after your application date.

Thank you very much.

Six Conditions for Users:

  1. The User agrees not to use the Images/Footage in a manner, which could be reasonably expected to offend the Lender, including the conduct that is libelous, defamatory or unlawful, or that violates or infringes any trademark, copyright or similar rights of others.
  2. The User agrees to use the Images/Footage only for the purpose declared. The User is allowed to use the Images/Footage for different purpose only when the Lender approves it.
  3. The User agrees to understand that the copyright of and the credits to JAMSTEC are shown in usage: ©JAMSTEC
  4. The User agrees that the Lender reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time for violation of this agreement.
  5. The User agrees to submit one copy of the edited/published material to the Lender when it completed.
  6. The User agrees to return to the Lender all materials that provides after the User's work is completed.

* Regarding No.6, source materials provided via email or through our web sites will not have to be returned; instead please delete them all after your work is completed.

For an educational usage, we would provide the data for free, but in the case that you make a profit through our data, we would charge you following the price list as below;

Items Price
Still Images  
  Photo, Graphic and Illustration 1pc @20,000 JPY
  Simulation Graphic by Earth Simulator 1pc @30,000 JPY
  or others    
  Real movies 10 sec @25,000 JPY
  Simulation movies 10 sec @25,000 JPY
Movies for Mass media  
  For Web site 10 sec @200,000 JPY
  For TV Commercial 10 sec @200,000 JPY
  For Sales Promotion except TV 10 sec @200,000 JPY

* Longer than 10 seconds, a special order cost will be required.

Request Form

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Image(s)/footage requested
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Attachment(s) summarizing your program/project if any (up to three files: total file size limit of 10MB).
How did you know about our image data?


I hereby request the use of image(s)/footage.

The personal information provided through this application is used to fulfill requests you have made of us, and is properly managed under our Privacy Policy on Personal Information.