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Usage Guide

For New Visitors

Welcome to the JAMSTEC website!
Please see the following pages if you do not know where to go to see the information you need.

This section contains information regarding JAMSTEC's organization, the description of business, and the portal to the database to see research results.
Research (Priority Research and Development)
This section introduces the main topics of our research and development at JAMSTEC.
Facility Tours
JAMSTEC welcomes visitors to the Yokosuka Headquarters, the Yokohama Institute for Earth Sciences, and the Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC) to inform the general public of our activities, such as the research results and the latest Earth and ocean scientific information.
Research vessels, Submersibles, Facilities and Equipment
This section introduces the research vessels, submersibles, observation equipment, research facilities, and exhibition facilities that JAMSTEC manages.
Event Information
This section details the events that are held at JAMSTEC and that JAMSTEC helps stage.
This section introduces printed matters that JAMSTEC publishes. They can be viewed from this site. Information regarding subscriptions is described.