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Professor Dr. Toshio Yamagata won the 62nd Fujihara Award

31 May, 2021

Professor Dr. Toshio Yamagata (Project Principal Researcher, Application Laboratory, Research Institute for Value-Added-Information Generation (VAiG)) has received the 62nd Fujihara Award, a prize funded by the Fujihara Foundation of Science. The news follows his recent winning of the Order of the Sacred Treasure, Gold Rays with Neck Ribbon.

Mr. Ginjiro Fujihara, known as “the King of Paper-making of Japan”, established the foundation in 1959 by expending his private funds. Since 1960, scientists with extraordinary contributions to fundamental science and innovative technology have been offered the Fujihara Awards. The award winners in the past, from the fields of fundamental science, include Nobel laureates and Fields medalists.