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Aimed at shedding light on changes in the Earth's environment, JAMSTEC has been conducting various observation studies, prediction studies and the development of technologies. This "Museum" represents a collection of sites JAMSTEC has hitherto created to introduce to the results of such research and development to you, the visitor.


Research Vessels, Facilities and Equipment
Introduces various facilities and equipment that support research conducted by JAMSTEC, such as vessels, vehicles and observation equipment.

This site is intended to provide the latest facts and information on the Deep-Sea Drilling Vessel CHIKYU.

From the Sea to the Earth Together with the Earth. The 40th Anniversary Commemorative issue
Looks back over the 40-year history of JAMSTEC since its birth.


The “JAMSTEC Gallery” presents the collection of unusual and original images, including images of JAMSTEC’s vessels and underwater vehicles, images of deep-sea organisms and seafloor taken during research surveys, and simulation images. High-resolution images are also available. Please enjoy the gallery.

JAMSTEC Channel (YouTube)
Broadcasting JAMSTEC's video contents on YouTube.

Chikyu TV
Chikyu TV reports scientific expedition of Chikyu, with exciting video images.

JAMSTEC E-library of Deep-sea Images
Provides deep sea research videos and photos obtained by JAMSTEC submersibles including content (ex. living organism name, geology, etc.) and research points.

Image of the Week (2007-2019)
JAMSTEC vessels and simulated images that we obtained through our research and development activities. All images will be of things that are unusual and rarely seen.

Free wallpapers bearing JAMSTEC's research vessels and vehicles are available for you to download.


Research Facilities Exploration Tour
Through hands-on experience of the Yokosuka Headquarters' research facilities, you will be walked through research facilities of JAMSTEC.

Papercraft Picture Book
Please enjoy making papercraft models of deep-sea creatures and research vessels.


JAMSTEC Document Catalog
Provides back issues of public relations publication and research paper issued by JAMSTEC.

Intended to introduce you to sites that are concerned with JAMSTEC's activities.