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Employee Welfare and Benefits

[Paid vacation and special paid leave]

For full-time employees, annual paid vacation is given, up to 20 days per fiscal year (i.e., from April to March of the following year), prorated according to date of hire, and any unused portion may be carried over only to the following fiscal year. Additionally, JAMSTEC grants special summer holidays and various types of special paid leave for significant life events, such as births, weddings, and deaths.

[Health Management Office]

The Health Management Office acts to maintain and improve the physical and mental health of the company’s officers and employees (no medical practice is performed there, however). Physically and mentally healthy officers and employees contribute to the prevention of workplace accidents and the creation of safe and comfortable working environments. At JAMSTEC, employees can avail themselves of various medical examinations and consult with industrial physicians about health-related matters.

[Consultation Desk]

The Consultation Desk facilitates consultations on a range of matters, such as employees’ mental health or problems they may be experiencing in the workplace.
*The content of consultations will be kept strictly confidential, unless the individual requesting the consultation agrees otherwise.
*Harassment: If an employee suspects that they (or their colleagues) are subject to harassment, they should consult with the Gender Equality and Employee Support Division.

[JAMSTEC Mutual Aid Association (Kyosaikai)]

The Mutual Aid Association (hereafter MAA), formed in the spirit of mutual aid and equality, is an organization that is aimed at encouraging mutual assistance among its members and promoting their welfare. It undertakes a variety of programs in line with this goal. Herein, we provide a brief introduction to the primary articles associated with the MAA and its programs.