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2022.11.22 [Press Releases]
On the predictability of the extreme drought in East Africa during the short rains season
~Key roles of the negative Indian Ocean Dipole~
2022.10.20 [Topics]
Annual Report of the Earth Simulator, April 2021 - March 2022" page is open
2022.10.05 [Press Releases]
Successful detailed simulation and visualization of atmospheric gravity waves during stratospheric sudden warming ―What does the long journey of mysterious atmospheric gravity waves mean?―
2022.09.12 [Press Releases]
Improved prediction of decadal sea ice variability in the west Antarctic Seas ―Key roles of ocean and sea ice observation data―
2022.09.12 [Press Releases]
Discovery of the “Pekeris Wave” — Special Atmospheric Wave Caused by the 2022 Hunga Tonga–Hunga Ha’apai Volcanic Eruption
2022.07.15 [Press Releases]
Newly identified mechanism may explain Arctic sea-ice decline — Remote effects of Gulf Stream warming —
2022.07.02 [Press Releases]
Global changes in the ocean carbon and oxygen cycles caused by anthropogenic nutrient inputs to the ocean
2022.04.11 [Topics]
List of Proposed Research Projects in FY2022 is uploaded
2022.04.11 [Topics]
List of JAMSTEC Proposed Project in FY2022 is uploaded
2021.10.19 [Topics]
Annual Report of the Earth Simulator, April 2020 - February 2021" page is open
2021.10.08 [Press Releases]
Earth’s inner core may contain both soft and hard iron(Press release by University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)
- JAMSTEC scientist co-authored a paper in Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors
2021.09.22 [Press Releases]
Alleviation of global warming due to reduction of tropical upper cloud cover through altitude changes in upper clouds:the impact of microscale physics on warming predictions
2021.07.07 [Topics]
List of Proposed Research Projects in FY2021 is uploaded
2021.07.07 [Topics]
List of JAMSTEC Proposed Project in FY2021 is uploaded
2021.06.09 [Press Releases]
Accurate Prediction of Summertime Sea Ice in the Antarctic Ocean from Previous Winter Conditions
―Winter Sea Ice Thickness is Key to the Prediction―
2021.04.30 [Press Releases]
Enabling simple assessment of the impact of observation data on weather forecast,and clarifying the contribution of Arctic observation data to improve seven-day North American weather forecasts
2021.03.09 [Press Releases]
Antarctic Peninsula Warming Up Due to Heat in Tasman Sea (Press release by National Institute of Polar Research)
2020.10.06 [Press Releases]
China’s COVID Lockdown Significantly Cut Air Pollution-Related Hospitalizations(Press release by Duke University) - JAMSTEC scientist co-authored a paper in Geophysical Research Letters
2020.09.25 [Topics]
the Earth Simulator Upgrade and Future Plans
2020.04.13 [Topics]
Providing computational resources for the Earth Simulator to support "research on new coronavirus infections(COVID-19)"
2020.04.01 [Topics]
List of Proposed Research Projects in FY2020 is uploaded
2020.04.01 [Topics]
List of JAMSTEC Proposed Project in FY2020 is uploaded
2019.12.13 [Press Releases]
Applying Ocean Observation Data from Sea Turtles to Seasonal Climate Predictions — Potential Development of an Ocean/Atmospheric Observation System using biologging
2019.09.13 [Press Releases]
Smaller Cumulonimbus Cloud Ensembles in the Tropics Due to Global Warming: Do Clouds Exacerbate Warming?
2019.07.03 [Press Releases]
Variability in the number of intense tropical cyclones during extreme El Niño events - The importance of predicting internal atmospheric variability in seasonal tropical cyclone forecasts -
2019.05.15 [Topics]
List of Proposed Research Projects in FY2019 is uploaded.
2019.05.15 [Topics]
List of JAMSTEC Proposed Project in FY2019 is uploaded.