Data quality of Siphonic rain gauges

The standard TRITON has a rain gauge and we have two types of rain gauges;1) optical rain gauge (ORG115) and 2) Siphonic rain gauge (YOUNG50202).

Sometimes, additional rain gauge may have been added to TRITON moorings for special purposes.

A maximum capacity of YOUNG50202 is 500 ml, which is equivalent to 50 mm of rain. When water volume reaches maximum capacity, whole water is expelled through siphon tube. During siphon events, the instruments cannot measure correct value, therefore, we replace the value into missing value and give a bad flag. As a result the hourly and daily value of TRITON rain may be underestimated.

A sample of siphonic event is shoun in Fig. 1.

Figure 1  Examples of siphonic rain gauge siphonic event. Time series of original accumlated rain (upper) and TRITON rain (lower). Pink lines indicate siphon events