JAMSTEC JCOPE Ocean Modeling  

JCOPE-T ocean current forecasting in support of RV "Chikyu" 2018.10 - 2019.03 operations in Kumano Basin area
  Regular updates of this page are stopped March 7, 2019 as ship moved to new location. Please switch your browser to http://www.jamstec.go.jp/jcope/vwp/chikyu.2019.03/ web page for new location support information.
This web page provides some results from JCOPE-T ocean modeling system, selected for purposes of supporting JAMSTEC "Chikyu" drilling ship operations October 2018 - March 2019. Results are presented around and for the drilling point C0002 location at 33°18.0507'N, 136°38.2029'E marked by large black dot on the ocean current maps.
Data of JCOPE-T-EAS-MS3DVAR for region of East-Asian Marginal Seas are used.
Forecasts are updated almost daily creating new bulletins with ~10 days forward predictions. Some bulletins could be skipped and some missing in case of computer system maintenance.
Special Best Estimates bulletin provides history of surface ocean nowcasts followed by recent forecasts. On the archived nowcast maps by purple line is plotted weekly-mean position of Kuroshio axis as reported by MIRC (Marine Information Research Center) observational data analysis if such data are available.
Keyboard keys could be used for navigation in time. To use it, move the focus (click mouse) on background and the "N" or "n" keys will step on one hour forward, when "P" or "p" - one hour backward.
You can download extracted velocity data in CSV format for the C0002 ADCP location from http://www.jamstec.go.jp/jcope/data/chikyu.2018.10/eas/ web page.

Contact e-mail: jcope@jamstec.go.jp Web page operations started September 10, 2018