Core Sample Collection and Associated Data

Core sample collection

Core samples collected by JAMSTEC cruises by "KAIREI", "KAIYO", "MIRAI", "NATSUSHIMA", "YOKOSUKA" and "CHIKYU" are stored in a repository of KOCHI/JAMSTEC (Kochi Core Center). Also, frozen core samples collected by "CHIKYU" are stored to provide usage mainly for microbiological and geochemical researches. To search core samples in the collection, please click the following link:

Analytical data and cruise information

For accessing the data associated with core samples, such as analytical data and cruise information, please visit the following websites:

These websites provide data and information related to the "core samples". Some of the core samples may be already consumed or are not in-ready for distribution stage.

Core samples from international drilling program (IODP, ODP, and DSDP)

Apart from JAMSTEC core samples, significant amount of samples obtained by IODP (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program), ODP (Ocean Drilling Program) and DSDP (Deep Sea Drilling Project) are also stored at KOCHI/JAMSTEC (Kochi Core Center). These samples are handled under the management of IODP. Please visit following websites to access these samples and associated data.