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Unveiling Natural Fish SwimmingMysteries & Improving UnderwaterEngineering TechnologyBio-fluid-mechanics and bio-mimetic-engineering are the multidisciplinarydomains among biology, fluid physics, and engineering.My researches explain the mechanisms behind natural fish swimmingphenomenon, and import these into engineering application.Fish swimming fluid mechanicsTo understand the mechanics of fishswimming, we need to know the forcesexerted by the fluid and how theseforces affect the motion of the fish. Toelucidate the hydrodynamic mechanismsbehind the highly non-linear andcomplicated nature in fish swimminghydrodynamics, I have developed anintegrated three-dimensional (3D)computational approach of hydrodynamicsand body dynamics that couplesthe Navier-Stokes (NS) equationswith the equations of undulating bodymotion. By using both experimentaland computational approaches, hiddenrelationships between fluid dynamicphenomenon and fish swimming skillsare reveled.Fish swimming optimizationStrategyBy pragmatically exploring how bodywave frequency and amplitude affectswimming performance and comparingwith experimental observation. Myresearch indicate that fish swimmingstrategy is NOT optimized for highestpropulsive efficiency (thrust×speed÷power), instead, fish adjust their bodykinematics to optimize towards minimumtransport cost (power÷speed) atparticular speed. This novel philosophymay redirect all future researches onfish swimming and swimming robot.34海洋工学