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bio-fluid-mechanicsA multidisciplinary area in which thefluid dynamics are used to explain themechanisms of biological flows insideor outside the body, to understand theirinterrelationships with the locomotionor physiological processes.KeywordsFormation induced flow controlNatural fish may utilize the hydrodynamicbenefit induced by formationconfiguration in two forms:1)schooling swimming?a lot of fishform a school to improve swimmingperformance;2)micro-structured skin?on fish skin,especially shark, microstructures improveswimming performanceMy current research aims to revealthe mechanisms of these two formsof formation-induced hydrodynamicbeneficial phenomenon, and provideoptimization proposal for AutonomousUnderwater Vehicles.Soft robotics and ground effectStingray are fish species with roundand flat body. They usually rest onsea bottom. When swimming, theyundulate their fins and utilize groundeffect. My research aims to mimic themorphologic and kinematic features ofstingray, to design, optimize and builda soft robot. Capable to stay on sea bottomand swim with ground effect, suchrobot may save energy and performlong-time underwater give rise to new technologies inspiredby biological solutions to solvecomplex human problems, since livingorganisms have evolved well-adaptedstructures and materials over geologicaltime through natural selection.flow controlAdopting small change of a configurationto alter the fluid dynamic phenomenonand serve an ideally large fluilddynamic benefit, like drag reduction, liftincrease, mixing enhancement or noisereduction.ground effectGround effect is a fluid dynamic phenomenon.When an object moving influid and close to a fixed surface, theexistence of fixed surface may influencethe flow around the object, and maycause positive effects such as lift (force)increment and drag decrement.李根Li Gen役職ポストドクトラル研究員E-mail ligen@jamstec.go.jp所属学会専門分野流体工学、生物模倣工学MAT Toolbox 2018 35