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Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science (ODS)

Drilling Informatics Research Group (DIG)

Big Data from Scientific Drilling Depict Future of the Earth

Since the 1960s, the scientific ocean drilling has contributed to reveal the dynamics and environmental changes in the Earth's surface.
The drilling vessel CHIKYU, which came into service in 2005, is being used to recover higher quality core samples from deeper below the seafloor. These cores have helped to create a new understanding of the Earth's systems, including the state of the deep biosphere and the mechanisms of great earthquakes in plate subduction zones.

Coupled with the cores, we obtain numerous engineering data such as the rate of penetration and torque during drilling, as well as long-term environmental data monitored by various sensors in the borehole. Combining this information with large-scale geophysical data and innovative information processing technology such as AI and big data analysis, we are able to understand how the Earth was formed and how it is changing.