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Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science (ODS)

Marine-Earth Lithosphere Research Group (MELT)

Mantle Tells Us the Earth's Formation and Future

The power driving the Earth—a planet that supports water and life—resides in the Earth's interior. Over the planet's more than 4-billion year history, many events such as the formation of the primeval oceans, the birth and evolution of life, and the formation of the oceanic and continental crust have resulted from movement of the mantle, which is driven by the thermal energy of the Earth's interior. However, we do not have a detailed understanding of the mantle's composition, movement, or how mantle movement influences the future of human society and the Earth's environment.

We are investigating the physical and chemical properties of magmas associated with mantle activity and of mantle rock that has been forced to the surface by making full use of our unique scientific drilling and ocean exploration as well as our experimental, analytical, and technological capabilities.

Through this, we are seeking to reveal not only the origins of the Earth and life but, also, the future of humanity and of the planet.