Granular material recovery device that can recover fine powder with high efficiency

Trace amount of powder, recovery, high recovery rate
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Reliable and efficient recovery of microgram scale powder
Even if the amount of powder or granular material to be recovered is very small, it is possible to recover with high recovery rate.
This powder/granular material recovery device is composed of the following parts in order to suck the powder/granular material that is the object to be recovered into the recovery container by air suction.

1) The inner space of the collection container is divided by a stopper member equipped with a filter having air permeability, and two spaces, a space for collecting particles and a space for sucking air, are prepared.
2) A powder/granule introduction pipe is provided in such a manner that the powder/granular material discharge port is opened into the powder/granular material recovery space in an airtight manner through the stopper member, and the powder/granular material is introduced together with air.
3) An exhaust pipe is provided in the air suction space so that the air suction port is opened, and the air that has entered the powder and granular material recovery space is sucked through the filter.
4) As a result, the granular material introduced into the granular material recovery space remains in the space by the filter and is separated and recovered.
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Sampling of trace amount of powder for chemical analysis
Efficient recovery of trace amount of powder sampled by cutting multiple striped structures of fossils and rocks
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Granular material recovery device
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Saburo Sakai