Simulation to clarify the heat storage mechanism of urban space

3D heat radiation calculation, heat island, heat stroke
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The heat index (WBGT: heat stroke risk) can be calculated because the radiant temperature in the city block can be calculated.
The thermal environment can be quantitatively evaluated, and the thermal environment assessment for urban redevelopment becomes possible.
The urban space is considered as a three-dimensional space containing multiple solid objects, and the space is constructed with multiple grids.
The thermal radiation is calculated based on the attribute data including the view factor between each grid, the area of each grid, the reflectance, and the temperature.
According to this simulation, the heat index distribution according to the time (sunlight direction) of the urban space can be expressed, and it can be used as a thermal environment assessment for urban redevelopment.
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Surface temperature of city roads and buildings obtained using this technology
Thermal environment assessment of urban blocks
Verification of countermeasure effectiveness against heat island phenomenon
Prediction for risk of heat stroke according to region
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Simulation device and method for thermal radiation
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Keiko Takahashi
Ryo Onishi