Improvement of DEM (Discrete Element Method) calculation efficiency to reproduce particle motion

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It is possible to grasp the optimum operating conditions for industrial equipment to handle various powders by simulation.
It can also be applied to multi-phase flow simulation of powders and fluids, which is effective for disaster prevention and civil engineering
The present invention is a particle simulation device that calculates the position/velocity of particles based on the contact force with other particles in a work space, and simulates the behavior of particles. In the shared memory parallel computation for particle simulation such as DEM-SPH, this method improves the parallel computation efficiency of the particle method by preventing the memory write conflict that occurs in the search for interaction pairs between particles and the calculation of the sum of interaction forces. It is composed of

1) The calculation area is divided into cells whose size are slightly larger than the particle size, the particle numbers are sorted in the order of the cell numbers to which the cells belong, and the minimum and maximum particle numbers are stored as cell information for each cell.
2) An interaction pair can be determined by each particle searching for this cell information.
3) Furthermore, by storing the force between pairs in a temporary array and creating an array in which each particle can refer to the address of this temporary array in advance, action and reaction can be performed without causing memory write conflict. The sum of forces can be calculated based on the law of action and reaction.
4) Update the particle information including the position and velocity of the particle based on the calculated contact force for each particle.
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Various civil engineering
Disaster prevention: Simulation of multi-phase flow of powder and particles due to tsunami, landslide, etc.
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Particle simulation device and particle simulation method
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Daisuke Nishiura
Hide Sakaguchi