Highly accurate analysis of the effect of improving the heat environment due to green spaces and trees

Radiative heat transport simulation, view factor, multiple scattering
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It accurately simulates radiant heat transport in city-block including tree crowns
A detailed radiant heat flux distribution can be acquired by carefully considering the radiative transfer process inside the tree crown.
Highly accurate analysis of the heat environment due to the effect of improving the heat environment by green spaces and trees
It is a numerical simulation device that can simulate three-dimensional radiative heat transfer process including attenuation, scattering, and absorption due to the tree crown in three-dimensional land, building, and tree crown distribution at low calculation cost. It has the following features.
The ground and the surface of the structure such as a building are treated as a plurality of area elements, the tree crown is treated as a plurality of volume elements, and the view factor between each two elements is calculated while considering the radiation transmitted through the volume elements.
The radiant heat flux in each element is calculated using the view factor.
Radiation heat transfer simulation is possible in consideration of multiple scattering and leaf area density distribution inside the tree crown, and it is possible to simulate not only the distribution of radiant heat flux on the land/building surface but also the distribution inside the tree crown.
As shown in the figure, short-wave radiant heat flux (RS) and long-wave radiant heat flux (RL) flow into the volume element that is a part of the tree crown, and from this volume element, sensible heat flux (H) and latent heat flux (LE) flows out. Thus, it is possible to simulate the heat balance regarding the volume element i which is the tree crown.
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Simulation device, simulation method, and simulation program for radiant heat transport phenomenon
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Keigo Matsuda
Keiko Takahashi