Technology to produce emulsions in 10 seconds

Emulsification, nanoemulsion, supercritical water
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A method that can be nano-emulsified in just 10 seconds
Wide versatility, usable in a wide range of industrial fields
The present inventor reproduced a high temperature and high pressure environment of hot water ejected from a hot water ejection hole on the deep sea floor in a laboratory, and found that the water became supercritical water under the environment. By utilizing this supercritical water state, we succeeded in easily producing a nanoemulsion in which oil droplets with a diameter of 100 nm or less are dispersed in water within a short time of 10 seconds.
As a result of detailed examination of the conditions for forming the nanoemulsion, the present invention has been achieved as described below.

(1) Water-insoluble substance to be emulsified and heated and pressurized water are continuously or intermittently supplied to the confluencer under pressure with maintaining temperature and pressure near the gas/liquid critical point of water (374 degree Celsius, 22.1MPa). This is the step of compatibilizing the water-insoluble substance to be emulsified and water.
(2) The above compatibilized material consisting of water-insoluble substance and water and surfactant are supplied to another confluent device under temperature and pressure conditions near the gas/liquid critical point of water. The resulting mixture of compatibilized material and surfactant is cooled to a temperature of 100 degree Celsius. or lower at a cooling rate of 10 degree Celsius /sec or more to obtain a liquid in which a water-insoluble substance is dispersed in water or a liquid in which water is dispersed in a water-insoluble substance.
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Wide range of industrial fields such as food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemistry, agriculture, printing, paints, inks and petroleum
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Method of manufacturing emulsion
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Shigeru Deguchi
Nao Ifuku