Radical polymerization with a device simulating a hydrothermal vent

Free radical polymerization, polymer synthesis
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Introduction of this technology is effective for companies that manufacture polymers by free radical polymerization.
Expecting joint research with companies with R&D capabilities for polymerization initiators
Technology inspired by deep-water hydrothermal vents
The inventors of the present invention found that the radical polymerization can be initiated by instantaneously heating the mixed solution of the initiator and the monomer to a temperature higher than the boiling point of the solvent (environment of the hot water ejection hole in the deep sea) under pressure so that the initiators are simultaneously cleaved. Further, by carrying out this radical polymerization using a flow reactor, it was found that a polymer having a relatively narrow molecular weight distribution can be easily synthesized in a short time without using an expensive catalyst.
The present invention consists of the following procedures.

(1) A reaction liquid containing a monomer and a radical polymerization initiator is caused to flow into the heating start portion of the reaction device.
(2) Heating the inflowing reaction liquid to a predetermined temperature, which simultaneously cleaves the radical polymerization initiator in the reaction liquid inflowing into the heating start portion to start radical polymerization of the monomer.
(3) Promoting radical polymerization of monomers in the reaction solution.
(4) Cooling reaction liquid to obtain polymer.
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Widely applicable to polymer bonding by free radical polymerization
Polymer synthesis by distribution process is possible, and scale-up is easy
Particularly suitable for dispersion/emulsification (stabilizer) or synthesis of polymers for biomaterials

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Shigeru Deguchi
Keigo Kinoshita