Analyzer capable of measuring stable carbon and nitrogen isotope ratios of trace samples

Stable isotope ratio, mass spectrometry, pretreatment for analysis
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Pretreatment device for analysis capable of measuring carbon-nitrogen stable isotope ratios of trace samples
The present invention provides a pretreatment device for elemental analysis, which can improve the detection capability of the stable carbon/nitrogen isotope ratio in the elemental analysis device. It mainly consists of the following configurations.
1) The pretreatment device for elemental analysis is a device to extract gas for elemental analysis with an elemental analyzer from sample. This device includes a autosampler 21 that supplies the sample, an oxygen gas cylinder 5 for supplying reaction gas, an oxidation tube 22 having a combustion section 22a for combusting a sample by a reaction gas supplied from an oxygen gas cylinder to gasify it, and an oxidation column section 22b for oxidizing the sample gas, and a reduction tube 24 with reduction column for reducing sample gas.
2) The oxidation pipe has a flow passage cross-sectional area S1 of the combustion portion, and a cross-sectional area S2 of the oxidation column portion is formed as smaller than S1.
3) The reducing pipe is formed so that the flow passage cross-sectional area S3 is smaller than the flow passage cross-sectional area S1 of the combustion section.
With the above pretreatment device, the diffusion loss of the analytical sample is reduced, and the analytical accuracy can be improved.
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It can be used as an analytical instrument for measuring carbon-nitrogen isotope ratios and is useful for the following research studies.
Estimation and future prediction of global environmental changes, elucidation of material cycle, generation pathway of flora and fauna, survey of nutritional status of organisms, archeology
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Pretreatment device for elemental analysis
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Nanako Ogawa
Naohiko Ohkouchi