A fulvic acid aqueous solution derived from humus that is easy to drink and has a deodorizing effect

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Makes it easy to drink an aqueous solution of fulvic acid, which has a deodorant effect and is obtained from "humic substances" that are inexhaustibly present in soil, seabed, and the like.
In the soil, the lake bottom, and the seabed, "humic substances" exist that are completely decomposed by microorganisms and are not decomposed further, and are resistant to microbial decomposition. Humic substances include organic substances such as humic acid, fulvic acid, and humin. It is known that an aqueous solution containing humic substances has an effect of deodorizing by spraying and an effect of reducing the odor of excrement by drinking.
However, conventionally obtained aqueous solutions of humic substances have strong astringency and acridity, and are not suitable for drinking. This invention provides a humic acid-derived fulvic acid aqueous solution which is suitable for drinking, is easy to drink, and can sufficiently obtain the effect of drinking, and a method for producing the same.
1) Dehydrate and dry humus soil collected from the ground.
2) The obtained humic substance-derived powder is put into 3 to 6 times its weight of water to form a suspension, and the first aging step is carried out.
3) Collect the supernatant or filtrate of the suspension after the first aging step.
4) The second aging step is performed in which the collected liquid is aged until the concentration of humic acid becomes 400 mg/L or less.
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Fulvic acid aqueous solution derived from humic substance and method for producing the same
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Takashi Toyofuku