90Sr analyzer capable of high-precision analysis in a short time

Strontium 90 (90Sr), high frequency inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer, recognition resin
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90Sr can be analyzed with high accuracy in a short time.
90Sr analysis does not require advanced skills.
The conventional 90Sr analysis method requires a long period of time and involves complicated chemical separation work. Therefore, the analysis requires professional skills and cannot respond to a quick analysis request in an emergency. On the other hand, the high frequency inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer can measure 90Sr in a short time, but has a problem in measurement accuracy.
According to the present invention, 90Sr can be analyzed with high accuracy in a short time and without requiring high measurement skill by the following analysis method.
1) The sample solution is introduced into the Sr concentration-separation column 2 equipped with the Sr recognition resin that selectively recognizes Sr, and the Sr contained in the sample solution is adsorbed on the Sr recognition resin.
2) The Sr adsorbed on the Sr recognition resin is eluted in the eluent.
3) The eluent containing Sr is atomized and introduced into the plasma ion source 5 for ionization.
4) High purity oxygen is introduced into the collision reaction cell 8 into an ion group mainly containing Sr ions to oxidize an element highly reactive with oxygen, thereby converting the mass of the ion of the element.
5) Next, ions having a mass number other than 90Sr are removed in the quadrupole mass filter 9, and the 90Sr specific signal passing through the quadrupole mass filter is measured by the detector 10.
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Strontium 90 analysis method and analyzer
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Katsuhiko Suzuki