Method for the production of complex microemulsions that are easily emulsified together with water

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Emulsification technology that can be expected to expand the range of materials that can be emulsified with water
In recent years, there has been a demand for an O/W emulsion in which an oil phase is dispersed in a water phase in a finer and more uniform state. However, mechanically reducing the dispersoid particle size in an O/W emulsion to nano-size requires long-term processing and enormous energy. In addition, as a method for producing a microemulsion with high efficiency, there is a production method utilizing the compatibility of supercritical water and a water-insoluble substance. However, contact with water under the temperature and pressure conditions near the critical point of water means that the water-insoluble substance is also used under extremely high temperature conditions. Even in the mechanical emulsification method described above, heat gradually accumulates in the oil phase component that becomes the dispersoid, and the temperature rises. Therefore, in order to efficiently produce a nano-sized microemulsion, it is difficult to use a substance having low heat resistance that decomposes at high temperature.
The present invention provides an emulsification technique that can be expected to broaden the range of selection of materials to be emulsified, which are emulsified with water in producing a microemulsion. The method for producing a composite microemulsion of the present invention has the following constitution.
1) A microemulsion intermediate in which the first oil phase component (O1) is dispersed as particles in an aqueous dispersion medium in the presence of an emulsifier is used.
2) In the microemulsion intermediate, the specific surface area of the first oil phase component is 1.0*10 4 cm 2 /g or more.
3) The second oil phase component (O2) to be emulsified is added and mixed to form a composite with the first oil phase component. This is called a composite process.
4) In the composite step, the second oil phase component is added to and mixed with the microemulsion intermediate under the conditions of a temperature of 5 to 100 degree Celsius and a pressure of 10 to 40 MPa.
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Method for producing complex microemulsion
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