Hydrocarbon production using microalgae useful as diesel fuel

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Capable of synthesizing straight-chain saturated hydrocarbons from short chains of C10 to long chains of C18
Hydrocarbons produced by this method can be used as alternative fuels for naphtha, light oil, and heavy oil
Since many hydrocarbons derived from microalgae are unsaturated, they are susceptible to oxidative decomposition and are unstable. Therefore, it cannot be used as a fuel by itself, but is used by being mixed with other fuels. Since Botryococcus braunii can produce straight-chain hydrocarbons, it is expected to be practically used as a fuel producer among algae. However, since Botryocossus braunii is a freshwater green algae and has an optimum growth water temperature of 20°C or higher, the place to hold the cultivation plant is limited in a warm place or in a facility such as a greenhouse and in an area where abundant freshwater is available.
The inventors have found that a strain obtained by separating a novel microalgal strain from a seawater sample can produce a straight chain saturated hydrocarbon by the following method.
1) A culture is obtained from microalgae belonging to the genus Imantonia and having the 18S rRNA gene consisting of the polynucleotide having the sequence shown in SEQ ID NO.1.
2) Culture is performed at 5-25°C.
3) The culture is performed in an environment containing seawater.
4) Hydrocarbons is collected from the culture.
5) The collected hydrocarbon contains any of linear saturated hydrocarbons having 10 to 38 carbon atoms.
The obtained hydrocarbon can be used as jet engine fuel or the like. Although it may be mixed with other fuels, it can be used as a single fuel because it has a composition close to that of crude oil.
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Hydrocarbon chromatogram obtained from Imantonia rotunda. It has a hydrocarbon composition very similar to petroleum.
Jet engine fuel, gasoline engine fuel, diesel engine fuel
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Method for producing hydrocarbon using microalgae
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Naomi Harada
Miyako Sato
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