Underwater explorers capable of recording for long periods of time, such as up to a year

Underwater probe, long-term video recording, seabed exploration, battery
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Underwater probe capable of long-term recording for one year
In deep sea exploration, one exploration activity is required to record images for as long as possible. In addition, when shooting video, there is a need for omnidirectional observation as well as unidirectional video recording and the increased need for optical and chemical observation of the deep sea environment and monitoring of mineral resources on the seabed. To meet these demands, a battery for recording data for a long time is required, and the present invention addresses such needs.
The present invention has the following configuration.
1) At least one battery-powered underwater exploration vehicle body including three pressure-resistant hollow glass balls accommodating a photographing device, a lighting device, a recording device, an acoustic communication device, and a control device for controlling them is provided.
2) At least one battery body having substantially the same shape and structure as the underwater vehicle. The battery body is connected to the underwater explorer by a connecting tool to form a connected underwater explorer.
The underwater vehicle 11 shown in the figure consists of three pressure-resistant hollow glass spheres (photographing sphere 21, illumination sphere 22, transponder sphere 23). The photographing device is usually a video camera, and is housed in a photographing ball together with other recording devices, control devices and batteries. An illumination light is stored in the illumination bulb together with a battery. Acoustic communication equipment is housed in the transponder sphere. The battery body 12 (with two frames) is also composed of three pressure-resistant hollow glass spheres 24 (six in two frames) storing at least one battery for each to enable longer recording time as similar to the underwater probe. By this configuration, the battery is increased, and it is possible to record for a long time such as one year.
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Underwater exploration, seabed exploration, marine life survey
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