Pretreatment method that enables rapid and accurate analysis of biological particles existing in the deep sea floor

Meiofauna, biological particles, sediment particles, sieving
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The deep-sea meiofauna can be analyzed quickly and accurately.
Meiofauna is a general term for organisms with a size of 32 um to 1 mm. Meiofauna is known to have a great influence on material cycle and sediment stability, and is useful for deep-sea ecosystem and deep-sea environmental change research. Since the discrimination and counting of the types of Meiofauna are performed by microscopic observation, it takes a huge amount of time to process one sample. In addition, the analysis result may vary depending on the observer. The present invention provides a technique capable of rapidly analyzing biological particles even in the presence of sediment particles. The present invention is a pretreatment method for a sample containing biological particles, which comprises the following steps.
1) A sample containing biological particles to be detected is sieved to obtain a fraction (1b) that passes through a sieve (A) with an opening of 250 to 1000 um and does not pass through a sieve (B) with an opening of 32 to 63 um.
2) A colloidal solution having a density of 1.10 to 2.45 g/cm3 is added to the fraction (1b), and the mixture is centrifuged to obtain a supernatant fraction (SO) after centrifugation.
3) The supernatant fraction (SO) is sieved with a sieve (C) having an opening smaller than that of the sieve (B) to obtain a fraction which does not pass through the sieve (C).
4) Add the colloidal solution to the fraction that does not pass through the sieve (C).
According to the present invention, after the biological particles to be detected are concentrated by sieving, the colloidal solution is further added and the centrifugation is performed. Therefore, even when a large amount of sediment particles are present, the biological particles can be concentrated, which enables rapid biological particle analysis.
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Pretreatment method and apparatus for sample containing biological particles, image acquisition method and apparatus for biological particles
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Tomo Kitahashi
Hiromi Watanabe
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