This site is being run by Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) in order to distribute the scientific data acquired by the International Ocean Discovery Program and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program expeditions of D/V Chikyu operated by JAMSTEC.

Previously, this site was distributing the sub-sampling records from the materials of Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP), Ocean Drilling Program (ODP) and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program by Kochi Core Center (KCC), JAMSTEC. This site does not distribute the data anymore.


The authorships of the scientific data sets in this site are the corresponding volumes of Proceedings of the International Ocean Discovery Program and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. This site does not handle any other data whose authorships are not these publications, even if the data are of some related researches of the expeditions.

Access constraints

According to International Ocean Discovery Program Sample, Data, and Obligations Policy & Implementation Guidelines, expedition data are protected during their moratorium periods. After a moratorium expires, the expedition data are unlocked to read.


The data are handled (1) as data files and (2) by using a data management system, J-CORES, which consists of a relational database and some client applications.

(1) Some sorts of data files generated by expeditions are available to be downloaded from this site.

(2) The data set for each hole is output from the J-CORES by using its complete Bulk Export function, which generates a file bulk.csv with various attachment files, including image files (See the specification of the Bulk Export output). By picking data of each grouping (e.g. specific scientific field) from bulk.csv, another file bulk-something.csv is processed. For some of them, a ZIP archive file is made containing bulk-something.csv and related attachment files. A file set of files bulk-various.csv and are available for each hole.

Metadata and Indices

Metadata for JAMSTEC Data Search Portal

This site has metadata for the data files and the J-CORES database outputs of Chikyu expeditions in a CSV file. The metadata are taken for JAMSTEC Data Site for Research Cruises and JAMSTEC Data Search Portal.