Hole C0019D, Expedition 343


This URL provides the access to the most recent output from the database. The output is being overwritten as often as possible.

This data set was output from J-CORES database by using its complete Bulk Export function Version 1.9.9 from 2016-11-16T18:02:01Z till 2016-11-16T18:02:13Z. The specification of the outputs is available to be referred. Bulk Export gives a file bulk.csv with various attachment files (e.g. image files). Files bulk-something.csv are generated by picking some kinds of data from bulk.csv. Files something.zip consist of bulk-something.csv and related attachment files. Files bulk-something.csv are in character encoding UTF-8 with line ending characters CRLF. The database has a flexibility to store numerical/text values and attached files for user-defined parameters, which are output into User-Defined Parameter column group in bulk.csv.

Data file index

File Contents Length (bytes)
bulk-hole.csv Expedition, site and hole records 798
bulk-miscellaneous-material.csv Records of materials recovered from holes excepting cores 638
borehole-observatory.zip Borehole observatory 200096470

Parameter definitions

The user-defined parameters are listed with their definitions as the followings.

borehole observatory
Borehole observatory.
borehole observatory::MTL result
Temporal changes of temperature measured by using a miniature temperature logger (MTL). Some of the MTLs also record depth/pressure. Each file is ASCII text including four header lines starting with percent sign `%' followed by data lines. The third header line includes position number (Note: they are not always the same as `MTL numbers' in Proc. IODP), depth and serial number of the MTL. Serial numbers from 15763 to 15777, those from 23941 to 23950 and those from 1859001 to 1859040 are of Models TR-1050, TDR-2050 and Antares 1357 high-pressure data logger, respectively. Each data line consists of the following values delimited by space characters: (1) Date and time represented by sum of 734869 and number of days from January 1st 2012 00:00:00 +09:00. For instance, 735062.0069444445 indicates July 12th 2012 00:10:00 +09:00. (2) Temperature. (3) Borehole pressure.
borehole observatory::comment on measurement
Comment on the measurement, the object (i.e. samples, for which the measurement is conducted) and/or errors that cannot be corrected.

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