Hole C0002R Well Logging, Expedition 358

C0002R hole was drilled from 2788.9 to 2795.2 (mbsf) with an 8-1/2” bit, a MudMotor and a TeleScope by four runs. Run1: 8-1/2” bit + Kickoff + Mud Motor, Run2: 8-1/2” bit + Kickoff + MudMotor, Run3: 8-1/2” bit + short LWD + 12-1/4” Z-Reamer, and Run4: 8-1/2” bit + short LWD + 12-1/4” Z-Reamer.


The well log is a record of one or more physical measurements as a function of depth in a borehole (From “Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics”). To measure the various values at once, one or more sondes comprise a tool string. Formation evaluation, lithological classification, and other geological interpretations are carried out from the logging curves or crossplots.

Digital Log Data and Graphics Format

Data Index

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Type File (length in bytes) Remark
ORIGINAL DATA Verification 358_C0002R_Run1_Time.html (38278) MWD (TeleScope D&I) RT DML (Drilling Mechanics Log)
ORIGINAL DATA Survey 358_C0002R_Survey_Report.xlsx (52824) Survey Report
ORIGINAL DATA Original MWD/LWD Time base data (dlis) 358_C0002R_Run1_Time.dlis (51722172) RT DML (Drilling Mechanics Log) only
ORIGINAL DATA Original MWD/LWD Time base data (las) 358_C0002R_Run1_Time.las (18450579) RT DML (Drilling Mechanics Log) only
ORIGINAL DATA Verification 358_C0002R_Run2_Time.html (38305) MWD (TeleScope) Time base
ORIGINAL DATA Original data (dlis) 358_C0002R_Run2_Time.dlis (45385212) MWD (TeleScope) RT data only
ORIGINAL DATA Original data (las) 358_C0002R_Run2_Time.las (16189479) MWD (TeleScope) RT data only
ORIGINAL DATA Verification 358_C0002R_Run3.html (42405) Verification
ORIGINAL DATA Orginal data (dlis) 358_C0002R_Run3.dlis (234128) MWD
ORIGINAL DATA Original data (las) 358_C0002R_Run3.las (221386) MWD
ORIGINAL DATA Original RAW data (las) 358_C0002R_Run3_ARC_Raw.las (205332)
PROCESSED DATA Processed ARC (dlis) 358_C0002R_Run3_mbsf.dlis (135520) MLWD ARC
PROCESSED DATA Processed ARC (las) 358_C0002R_Run3_mbsf.las (279171)
ORIGINAL DATA Verification 358_C0002R_Run4.html (42326)
ORIGINAL DATA Original ARC Raw data (as) 358_C0002R_Run4_ARC_Raw.las (251699)
ORIGINAL DATA Original ARC Tima base data (las) 358_C0002R_Run4_ARC_Time.las (12455211)
ORIGINAL DATA Original data (dlis) 358_C0002R_Run4.dlis (258844)
ORIGINAL DATA Original data (las) 358_C0002R_Run4.las (306360)
PROCESSED DATA Processed (dlis) 358_C0002R_Run4_mbsf.dlis (202792)
PROCESSED DATA Processed ARC Raw (las) 358_C0002R_Run4_ARC_Raw_mbsf.las (277653)
PROCESSED DATA Processed ARC (las) 358_C0002R_Run4_ARC_mbsf.las (337327)