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Facilities and Equipment in Yokosuka Headquarters

Table of Usage Fee for Facilities and Equipment

(Unit: yen)
(Consumption tax is not included)
Facilities and Equipment Basic fee
Special fee
Hyperbaric chamber 14,600 7,300  
Medium-sized hyperbaric chamber 7,500 3,750  
Ultrasonic tank 5,000 2,500  
Multipurpose experiment tank  2,900 1,450  
Multipurpose pool 4,000 2,000 Not including air and water heating costs in winter

The "basic fee" will be charged as a fee for use of the facilities and equipment.
In case the partial exemption is applied, the "special fee" is charged.
(Note: A consumption tax is not included.)
In case you wish JAMSTEC to operate the facilities, the personnel expense will be also charged.
To use the "multipurpose pool", fuel and/or compressed air may be needed. If needed, the actual costs will be also charged.
As indirect expenses, 30 percent of the total sum of the usage fee, personnel expense and actual costs will be also charged.