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Wave motion tank


  1. The tank
    This tank is provided with ferro-concrete walls, one side of which has five one-meter square viewing windows for observing underwater motions of the experimental model.
    Dimensions:40m (length) × 4m (width) × 2m (depth)
  2. Wave generator
    This wave generator consists of eight segmented wave generator plates, whose cyclic motions can produce rhythmic or arrhythmic waves of various wave heights and wavelengths. Wave reflections off the wave generator plates are kept to a minimum. Control of absorption permits longer run times.
    Item Explanation
    Model Flap servomotor, timing belt drive
    Wave height max. 0.2m (frequency 1.1~1.5sec)
    Period of waves 0.5~4.0sec
    Wave generator plates SUS, 0.5m (width) × 8plates
  3. Gauge trolley
    The gauge trolley slides over the tank. A variety of models can be attached to the trolley. Running the trolley at different speeds allows monitoring and analysis of characteristics such as water resistance to various motions.
    Item Explanation
    Model Analog uniaxial two-wheel drive
    Speed 0.2~2.0m/s
    Acceleration rate within ±3%F・S
  4. Wave Absorber
    This beach-type wave absorber comprises a slope with a sponge-type absorber surface.

Research fields

Tests of flow and wave effects on various marine structure models
Tests of the kinematic characteristics of mobile underwater objects
Characteristic tests involving wave energy generators and buoys in waves
Various performance tests for wave absorbers, oil fences, etc.
Various in-tank tests involving special operation vessels
Characteristic tests involving various marine devices