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updated 02/10/2005
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Ph.D: Tokyo University of Fisheries, Department of Fisheries, 2000
Dissertation: gZooplankton community structure in the eastern Indian Ocean sector, Antarctica"

M. Sc.: Tokyo University of Fisheries, Department of Fisheries, 1997
Dissertation: gZooplankton community structure change off Wilkes Land, Antarctica,
with special reference to ecological importance of salpsh

B.A.: College of the Atlantic (ME, U.S.A), 1994
Major: Human Ecology with concentration on Marine Biology


  • Biological oceanography
  • Climate variation and marine ecosystem responses in the North Pacific using historically collected observational data set, with the particular interests on the lower trophic level environments and plankton community structure
  • Zooplankton ecology in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans


  • Reponses of the Lower trophic level ecosystem to the spatio-temporal environmental variations in the Arctic Ocean. Grant-in Aid for Scientific Research, JSPS, FY2003-2005
  • Studies on long term variation of ocean ecosysten/climate interactions based on the Odate collection,Global Environmental Research Fund, Japanese Ministry of the Environment, FY2003-2005
  • Effects of global warming on the Antarctic Ocean ecosystem: special interests on ecological roles of salps,
    Sasakawa Scientific Research Grant from the Japan Science Society, FY1998-1999
  • Growth and the optimal feeding conditions of Salpa thompsoni, Australian National Antarctic Research (ANARE) Project FY 1998


  • Member of SCOR WG125 gGlobal Comparison of Zooplankton Time Seriesh, FY2005-
  • Member of the CFAME (Climate Forcing and Marine Ecosystem Response) Task Team, PICES/CCCC, FY2005-
  • Member of the Japan GLOBEC subcommittee, FY2004-
  • Editorial Board Member of Journal of Plankton Research, FY2004-
  • Member of the International GLOBEC Focus2 Working Group, FY2003-


    (with review)
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    (without review)
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