Monthly Terrestrial PAR Datasets in Southeast Asia:
1996 to 2002

Geographical region
Grid size : 901 x 501
Pixel reslution : 0.1 x 0.1 degree
Corner pixel lontitude/latitude (pixel center values):
  • Upper left pixel = {30.0N, 60.0E}
  • Bottom right pixel = {20S, 150.0E}
    Data format: HDF

    How to retrive data from HDF files
    please use program "hdp" or C/FORTRAN HDF library "HDF group"
    % hdp dumpsds -i (sds index) -d -o (output file) -b (input file)


  • The accuracy was only evaluated within the area (20N-10S,90E-130E)=(300,100)-(701,401).
  • PAR in ocean pixels are not calculated. Ocean area was masked by UMD land cover map
  • Any comments to hkoba at (at = @)

    Please cite the following papers:

    Kobayashi, H., T. Matsunaga, A. Hoyano, M. Aoki, D. Komori, S. Boonyawat
    Satellite estimation of photosynthetically active radiation in Southeast Asia: Impact of smoke and cloud cover
    Journal of Geophysical Research
    109, D04102, doi:10.1029/2003JD003807, 2004

    Kobayashi, H., T. Matsunaga, A. Hoyano
    Net primary production in Southeast Asia following a large reduction in photosynthetically active radiation owing to smoke
    Geophysical Research Letters
    32, L02403, doi:10.1029/2004GL021704, 2005

    HDF Datasets description:
    SDS indexParameterGainUnitData type
    0Monthly average PAR0.001[MJ/m2/day]signed 2-byte integer
    1Cloud Cover0.01 unitlessunsinged 1-byte integer
    2AOT@550nm0.1 unitlessunsigned 1-byte integer
    3Aerosol flag10: constant AOT
    2: surface visibility
    3: Aerosol Index (Smoke area)
    unsigned 1-byte integer
    4Monthly UV reflectivity0.01 unitlessunsigned 1-byte integer
    5Monthly aerosol index0.01 unitlessunsigned 1-byte integer
    6Monthly average PAR at top of atmosphere0.001 [MJ/m2/day]signed 2-byte integer
    7Diffuse fraction (PAR/SW=0.42)0.01 unitlessunsigned 1-byte integer
    8Diffuse fraction (PAR/SW=0.50)0.01 unitlessunsigned 1-byte integer
    9Diffuse fraction (PAR/SW=0.57)0.01 unitlessunsigned 1-byte integer