Multi-Channel Seismic reflection (MCS) data and Ocean Bottom Seismograph (OBS) data can be requested from this site.

On March 18, 2021, we identified the occurrence of data security breach by a third-party through our Virtual Private Network (VPN). We have confirmed unauthorized access to our employees’ name, employee numbers, email addresses and hashed passwords (1,947 records) on 8 March, 2021.
In response to this information security incident (unauthorized access to our system), JAMSTEC is currently disconnected from the external network.
As a result, JAMSTEC is unable to provide online services including those through data sites operated and published by JAMSTEC. We apologize for the inconvenience.
We are working to restore all services as soon as possible and will announce when those services will be resumed on JAMSTEC website as soon as it is ready.
Your understanding and patience would be greatly appreciated.

Please see the JAMSTEC site policy and "Basic Policies on the Handling of Data and Samples" about the document and dataset of this site. Generic Mapping Tools is used to make maps in this site.
The DOI information of this site is as follows: JAMSTEC (2004) JAMSTEC Seismic Survey Database. JAMSTEC. doi:10.17596/0002069.

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