Workshop Schedule

Thursday October 2, 2014

Opening Remarks : Prof. Ryuichi Oka (Honourable President of the University of Aizu)
【Session 1】Severe Weather Forecasting

Chair:Yukio Masumoto

Takemasa Miyoshi (AICS, RIKEN) *Invited
“Big data assimilation” revolutionizing severe weather forecasting
Akira Yamazaki (APL, JAMSTEC)
Winter snowfall events and atmospheric blocking over east region of Japan
Poster session I (Coffee, tea and pastry will be served)
【Session 2】Process Modeling and Visualization

Chair: Niklas Schneider

Teppei J. Yasunari (GESTAR/USRA, NASA/GSFC)
Why do we need to consider snow-darkening effect in global models?
Shinichiro Kida (APL, JAMSTEC)
A layered model approach for simulating high river discharge events from land to the ocean
Yumi Yamashita (CEIST, JAMSTEC)
3D visualization of characteristic flows in the ocean
Lunch/Photo session
【Session 3】Pacific Ocean I

Chair: Motoki Nagura

Ingo Richter (APL, JAMSTEC)
On the erratic interaction between the equatorial Pacific and Atlantic
Tangdong Qu (IPRC, University of Hawaii)
Downstream impacts of South Pacific Tropical Water
Masami Nonaka (APL, JAMSTEC)
Cold SST anomalies to the south of Japan in recent years
Bunmei Taguchi (APL, JAMSTEC)
Response of atmosphere-ocean system to latitudinal shifts of the North Pacific subarctic frontal zone: A basin-scale two-way feedback
Sachiko Yoshida (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Fukushima radionuclide tracer in the North Pacific, observation and modeling
Poster session II (Coffee, tea and local sweets will be served)
【Session 4】Pacific Ocean II

Chair: Hariharasubramanian Annamalai

Hyodae Seo (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)
Effect of eddy-wind interaction on Ekman pumping and eddy kinetic energy: A regional coupled modeling study for the California Current system
Hideharu Sasaki (APL, JAMSTEC)
Impact of oceanic scale-interactions on the seasonal modulation of ocean dynamics in the Northwestern Pacific
Bo Qiu (University of Hawaii)
Seasonal mesoscale and submesoscale eddy variability along the North Pacific Subtropical Countercurrent
Fumiaki Kobashi (Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology)
Intermittent displacement of the Kuroshio Extension front from the current axis revealed from simultaneous observations by three research vessels and OFES
Yoshikazu Sasai (RCGC, JAMSTEC)
Response of phytoplankton to submesoscale dynamics in the western North Pacific Ocean
Akira Kuwano-Yoshida (APL, JAMSTEC)
Influence of explosive cyclones on ocean in OGCMs
Reception (at downtown in Aizuwakamatsu)

Friday, October 3, 2014

【Session 5】Indian Ocean

Chair: Yoshikazu Sasai

Kelvin J. Richards (IPRC, University of Hawaii)
mpact of salinity on ocean/atmosphere interactions in the tropical Indian Ocean
Motoki Nagura (APL, JAMSTEC)
A wake due to the Maldives Islands in the eastward Wyrtki Jets
Iskhaq Iskandar (University of Sriwijaya)
Equatorial oceanic waves and the evolution of 2007 positive Indian Ocean Dipole
Hariharasubramanian Annamalai (IPRC, University of Hawaii)
Organization of Monsoon Precipitation
Coffee Break
【Session 6】Dynamics in Atmosphere and Ocean

Chair: Ingo Richter

Niklas Schneider (IPRC, University of Hawaii)
Dynamics of lower tropospheric vertical velocity induced by sea surface temperature fronts
Oleg Melnichenko (IPRC, University of Hawaii)
Eddy dynamics and energy conversion in the subtropical gyre
Hidenori Aiki (APL, JAMSTEC)
How to diagnose the horizontal flux of mesoscale / Rossby eddy energy in the extension regions of western boundary currents?
Closing Remarks
Cultural Program sponsored by Center for Strategy of International Programs, University of Aizu
This program will introduce the participants to the rich historical and natural heritage of the Aizu region. It will start with a Guest Lecture by Mutsuhiro Ikeda, followed by lunch and excursion.

【Poster Session】
Satoshi Iizuka(NEID)
Interannual SST variability in the vicinity of Subpolar front and its impact on winter precipitation
Saji Hameed(Univ. of Aizu)
A reconfigurable vector instruction processor for accelerating a convection parametrization model on FPGAs
Michiya Hayashi(AORI, The University of Tokyo)
Ocean temperature changes induced by westerly wind events in 2014
Shintaro Kawahara(CEIST, JAMSTEC)
VDVGE: Volume Data Visualizer for Google Earth
Zhaojun Liu(Hokkaido University)
Impact of a coastline-shape on sea-level distribution and change along the coast of Japan: A regional ocean model study
Toru Miyama(APL, JAMSTEC)
Regional air-sea coupled modeling for climate study in Kuroshio/Oyashio region
Tomomichi Ogata(University of Tsukuba)
Effect of high-resolution SST on 60km-AGCM simulated Baiu-Meiu
Tatsuo Suzuki(ICCPR, JAMSTEC)
Decadal hindcasts of the Kuroshio extension using a climate model MROC4 with an eddy-permitting ocean model
Hitoshi Tamura(APL, JAMSTEC)
Spectral form and source balance of short gravity waves