Expedition (Contingency Plan)
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Expedition result
As contingency plans of IODP Expedition 358, we will implement riserless drilling at sites in the toe region of Nankai Trough and in the Kumano Basin to complement and reinforce the scientific findings of previous NanTroSEIZE expeditions.
The operation target such phenomena as slow slip events near the trough axis, and their relationship with mega-earthquakes having fast slip along the plate boundary. Slow slip events near the trough axis was only recently observed by several long-term observatories installed during previous NanTroSEIZE expeditions.
Plan 1:
The relationship between great earthquakes (fast slip) and slow earthquakes (Site NT1-03C)
Plan 2:
Background of geological evolution for the onset of seismogenic zone of the Nankai Trough (Site KB-01C)