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Compliance Code of Conduct

The objectives of the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology are, based on the principle of peace and welfare, to raise the level of marine science and technology, and to contribute to the development of academic research by comprehensively conducting activities as the fundamental research and development concerning oceans, and cooperation with academic research in oceans.

To achieve the objectives, we will continue to conduct research activities freely and openly, produce world-leading achievements, and contribute to society through its utilization. We will work together to reform management and improve our organizational culture to ensure sound governance.

The Code of Conduct defines the basic stance for our daily operations in compliance with laws and regulations. It forms the foundation for vibrant organizational management.

The "rules and regulations" include not only the laws and regulations but also the rules provided by JAMSTEC, social norms that we should maintain as a member of society, and environmental consciousness. We take it seriously to work with the public trust with the responsibility. We declare that we conduct the execution of the laws and regulations, etc. (refer to it as "compliance") by high ethical standards and self-discipline.

  1. We get on with our work every day with pride, fair perspective, and sincerity.
    We pledge to conform to the laws and regulations, various rules and social norms, to change the things that must be changed, and to act sincerely with pride, fairness and ambition in day-to-day activities.
  2. We draw a clear line between public and private matters.
    We conduct ourselves drawing a line between public and private matters based on high ethical standards and self-discipline.
  3. We deal with information properly.
    We properly disclose information and protect personal information in compliance with laws and regulations.
  4. We respect human rights and create the work environment that allows smooth communication.
    We severely deal with the act that threatens human rights such as sexual discrimination and harassment. We establish an open work environment to enable the people working in the same place to exercise their abilities safely and without anxiety by respecting their various personalities.
  5. We contribute to the region and society.
    Our research and development concerning oceans involves those directly related to social activity such as the prediction of global warming and the clarification of mechanisms of large-scale earthquakes in ocean trenches. We will contribute to preventing natural disasters and easing social anxiety by clearly presenting our research results obtained through observations and experiments to the region and the society.
  6. We act in consideration of the environment.
    We, as members of society, take an interest in the environment that related to the entire society, make efforts to reduce the impact on the environment even if only slightly, and cooperate.
  7. We respond harshly to the violations of laws and regulations and various rules.
    When we find out the violation of the laws and regulations and the various rules, we immediately report it according to the rules, then correct it and develop preventive measures. We do not pass off or conceal the facts of the violations of the laws and regulations and the rules for any reason. Pursuant to the rules including Work Rules, we respond harshly to the violations of laws and regulations and rules and the cover-ups of the facts, etc., such as calling for disciplinary action.
  8. Our executives set an example in compliance with this Code of Conduct.
    Our executives will take the initiative in actively and continuously implementing management reforms and in performing activities in compliance with this Code of Conduct.

August 1, 2022

YAMATO Hiroyuki