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General questions

▾ Q. What types of donation do you have?

Three types are available for your donation, as described below.
General Donation: This donation goes to JAMSTEC’s general activities.
Designated Donation: This donation goes to a JAMSTEC activity conducted under a specific theme that a contributor wants to support selectively.
(If the selected theme results in no feasibility, JAMSTEC may ask you to reselect the theme.)
Solicited Donation: JAMSTEC sets up some themes and ask for donations.

▾ Q. What kind of procedure is required for donation?

You can apply using the Online Application Form (*Currently not recruiting) or in writing (Word / PDF).
Credit card payment and bank transfer are acceptable. However, if you choose credit card payment, please apply through the Online Application Form(*Currently not recruiting).

▾ Q. What is the purpose and usage of the donation?

Solicited Donation is used for activities and programs, including the research themes and fields retaining high degrees of social attention and interest, for which we want to gather a wide support.
Designated Donation is used according to the purpose specified by you at the time of application.
General Donation is used for general JAMSTEC research activities.

▾ Q. What is the minimum donation that you accept?

If you use a credit card to donate, you can donate in the range of 1,000 yen to 3 million yen each time. In case of a bank transfer, we have no lower or upper limits of the donation amount, but we would request you to donate more than 1,000 yen. (Please note that your bank will require you to pay bank transfer fee, in addition to your donation amount.)
The donation deduction is available for donations of 2,000 yen or more.

▾ Q. What are the benefits of donation?

You can receive tax deductions, such as national tax and prefectural tax, according to the donation amount. Specifically, you can receive preferential tax treatment under the tax law, including national tax (income tax, corporate tax, or inheritance tax) and local tax (individual inhabitant tax) of some local governments.

▾ Q. I want to donate! However, I find no item I want to support in the Solicited Donation

If you have a research theme you want to support and cannot find such a theme in the Solicited Donation, please apply to " Designated Donation." If you would like to support JAMSTEC's general research activities, please apply to "General Donation."

▾ Q. Do you publicize the donation results?

Yes. We post the main usage (research themes etc.) on the Website every year.

▾ Q. Can a corporation donate?

Yes. We ask corporations to donate by bank transfer, not credit card.

▾ Q. Is it possible to apply by using a joint or circle name?

Yes. We accept donations under a joint or circle name.
Please note that you cannot use a receipt issued under a joint name for your tax returns. If you wish to use it for tax deduction, please input the representative’s name in the addressee’s field of the Application Form.
Questions on tax deduction

▾ Q. I would like to obtain a certificate for donation deduction.

JAMSTEC is a national research and development corporation, and since it is a “special public interest promotion corporation” as defined by the Income Tax Act and Corporation Tax Act, a certificate is not required to receive a donation deduction. To receive a donation deduction, you do not need a certificate but a receipt. For more information, please contact the “Tax Consultation Desk” of the National Tax Agency.

▾ Q. How can I get a receipt?

No advance request is necessary, since every donor will receive a receipt from us.
If you use bank transfer, we will send it after confirming that your donation has been remitted to the JAMSTEC's bank account for transferring donations.
If you use a credit card, it will take approximately two months before a receipt is sent, since JAMSTEC will issue it only after collecting the remittance from the settlement agency.

▾ Q. I would like to have the receipt reissued.

Please send us the following information to our“Contact.”
We will reissue your receipt imprinted with REISSUED.
Information required to reissue your receipt:

(1) Donor's name and furigana
(2) Donation date
(3) Donation amount
(4) Donation type
(5) The donation method you used: Bank transfer / Credit card.

If we need to confirm any other information, we will inform you when you contact us.

▾ Q. What is the date on the receipt?

The date of your receipt will be the date when JAMSTEC collects the remittance. Please note that it is not the date of donation acceptance.
If you use a credit card to donate, it will take some time to issue your receipt. If you donate in or after November, the receipt will have the date of the next year, which means the donation deduction will be eligible for the next year.

▾ Q. Is it possible to specify the addressee of receipt?

Yes. The addressee in principle will be the name of the donor listed in the application form. However, issuing with a corporate name is also possible.
Donation amount and transfer method

▾ Q. Who pays transfer fee?

We ask donors to do so. We deeply appreciate your cooperation.

▾ Q. How is personal information handled when donating?

Regarding personal information, such as the name and e-mail address that you enter in the Application Form, JAMSTEC will use it exclusively for donation acceptance tasks and will not use it for any other purpose. JAMSTEC will manage personal information appropriately, in accordance with JAMSTEC's Basic Policy on the Protection of Personal Information. As for credit card information, only the settlement agency will use it. Donors’ credit card information will not be noticed to JAMSTEC.

▾ Q. Do you accept noncash donations?

Yes. We accept donations of goods, in addition to cash. Regarding donation of goods, we need each donor to contact us beforehand, so that we may judge the feasibility of accepting such goods.

▾ Q. Can I donate money other than Japanese Yen?

The currency used at the time of accepting your donation is Japanese Yen. You can transfer donation from your foreign bank account or with your credit card issued in a foreign country. However, please note that the payee, JAMSTEC, will receive your donation after your currency has been exchanged into Japanese yen.

▾ Q. Can I make a bequest or donate from an inherited property?

Yes. We accept both bequests and donations from inherited property. For more information, please contact the consultation desk at your financial institution, or your lawyer / judicial scrivener. If your financial institution does not provide testamentary trust services, please contact the consultation desk at one of our affiliated financial institutions, as mentioned below.
If you wish to bequeath and decide to use the testamentary trust service provided by the financial institution affiliated with JAMSTEC, you will need to pay a handling charge and other fees predetermined by the said institution. If you make a will by notarization at a notary’s office, you will also need to pay a separate fee.
<Consulting Desk at our affiliated financial institution>
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Inheritance Advisory Business Dept.
Phone: 0120-338-518 (Open: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Weekdays)


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