Exploring geochemical cycle dynamics across atmosphere, land, and ocean: a key factor in global environmental change

We elucidate origins, budget, and cycles of carbon/nitrogen containing substances, and aerosols, which drive climate and environmental changes while traveling around the ocean atmosphere and land, by means of field/satellite observations and modeling. We also study relevant functions of marine/terrestrial ecosystems. While studies on the Asia-Pacific scale or on whole globe are central, we will add new focus on coastal regions, where the geochemical cycles interact strongly with human activities, and also on the Arctic region, where significant climate change is ongoing. Thereby we aim to contribute to the solution of important issues, including global warming.

Research Plans

1. Strengthen observational studies on ocean carbon hotspot
2. Understand budget and cycles of GHGs and SLCFs on Asia/global scales (atmosphere, land)
3. Observational innovation using hyperspectra, drones and high-resolution satellites