Earth Simulator Research Results Repository
About the Earth Simulator Research Results Repository

The Earth Simulator is used for research projects in various fields of advanced science, such as global warming projection and Earth core dynamics in the area of geo-science, as well as in bio and nanotechnology, astronomy, atomic energy and automotive science.

The Earth Simulator is used on a project group basis by researchers and engineers from universities, independent administrative institutions and private-sector corporations. The results of Earth Simulator projects presented in theses, proceedings, publications or conference presentations are made available through this academic repository.

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About the Academic Repository

An academic repository (or institutional repository) is a service to store and make available the digital products of universities and research institutes. It promotes the public domain availability of academic documents by providing free access to the materials through the Internet. Against a backdrop of rising prices for academic journals, academic repositories have become increasingly popular tools, especially with universities.

All institutes compile metadata (such as titles and authors of papers) using standardized descriptions, enabling a common paper search system to be built.

As a result, research results will be viewed by more people, providing the following benefits:



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