Conditions for Using Core Samples

Sample requests for JAMSTEC cores submitted to DMG will be proccessed by JAMSTEC core curators. Curators will check and evaluate these requests for their purposes, usages and requested sample volumes, and decide whether to provide samples to requesters or not.

Policies for handling data and samples

Please visit the following websites to understand JAMSTEC basic policies and procedures related to data, sample, and personal information management:

Requesting JAMSTEC core samples

Following the JAMSTEC policies, requesters will submit sample requests, conduct sampling, return residual samples after use, and report the outcomes to JAMSTEC. Please read the "Guideline for Using Core Samples".

Closed samples

There is a maximum 2 years of moratorium period before providing core samples obtained by JAMSTEC cruises for public use. Some post-moratorium samples have not been opened yet, because they have been under the process of organizing, or because there may have been other protocol preventing the sample to be opened. If you are willing to request these "closed" samples, please contact the JAMSTEC core curators and describe your plan.

Non-scientific, non-educational uses of JAMSTEC core samples and rights for intellectual properties

In principle, JAMSTEC provides core samples for scientific/educational uses free of charge, however users are liable for sample handling costs. For other uses, JAMSTEC and requesters may require to create appropriate contracts. Provided data and samples may involve intellectual property rights. If you are planning to request data and samples for industrial/commercial uses or if you are going to claim the rights for intellectual properties, please consult with JAMSTEC representatives in advance to discuss these issues.