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OFES2 Ensemble

OFES[1] and the Earth Simulator enable us to perform decadal integrations of eddy resolving ocean simulations in the world ocean. The Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC) promotes OFES research project and collaborates with several research groups. This site provides access service of the outputs from OFES quasi-global eddy-resolving simulation at a horizontal simulation of 0.1 degree. The OFES outputs may be used for research purposes for free under the terms and conditions.

OFES2 Ensemble was based on OFES ver. 2 and conducted with ten ensemble members with slightly different initial conditions. The model configurations and forcing are the same as OFES ver. 2, and the hindcast simulation has been integrated from 1965 (see details in Nonaka et al., 2020). The period of simulation is extended to near present year.

  1. ^ OFES: Based on the Modular Ocean Model ver.3 (MOM3), developed by GFDL/NOAA, we have developed an OGCM code (OFES: OGCM for the Earth Simulator) optimized for massively-parallel computations on the Earth Simulator.

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How to Access

The outputs from OFES2 Ensemble are distributed through GrADS Data Server. Use DODS-enabled applications, such as GrADS or NCL for visualization and NCO (ncks) to slice and download data. Meta data is displayed when accessed with a web browser.

Available Data

  • Monthly sea surface heigh (SSH) and sea surface temperature (SST) from the hindcast simulation from 1965 to 2019. Regarding the use of other variables (monthly mean) and the daily mean SSH and SST, please contact to JAMSTEC.


Contact and Feedback

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