Global Seismic Traveltime Database

We have constructed a data base of seismic traveltimes, which was used to improve our seismic tomography model. We measured absolute arrival times of several seismic phases such as P, PcP, S etc by manual picking and differential travel times between PP and P and differential travel times of P-wave between two stations using waveform cross-correlation method. We use both of broadband and short period waveform data collected from all over the world including ocean bottom seismometers. At present, we have measured totally about 80,000 of various types of traveltimes.
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Yoshimitsu, J. and M. Obayashi (2017), A database of global seismic travel times, JAMSTEC Rep. Res. Dev., Volume 24
Yoshimitsu, J., Obayashi, M., Fukao, Y. (2009), Development of the global seismic travel time database at JAMSTEC/IFREE, JAMSTEC Rep. Res. Dev., Special Issue, 163-172 (in Japanese)

Data citation

Volcanoes and Earth's Interior Research Center, Research Institute for Marine Geodynamics/JAMSTEC (2016) Global Seismic Traveltime Database. JAMSTEC. doi:10.17596/0000107

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  • Absolute Arrival time

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  • Differential Traveltime
    of P-wave between two stations

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  • Differential Traveltime
    between PP and P (PP-P)

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