J-OBIS Animation Released

J-OBIS’s mission is to contribute to the progress of global scale marine ecosystem studies and to the solving of social-environmental issues by means of collecting and disseminating marine biodiversity information.

GODAC, which hosts J-OBIS, uses this marine biodiversity data as educational and enlightening material. By disseminating JAMSTEC’s research results and marine information, we aim to increase ocean literacy among the general public, and foster an attractive marine environment. GODAC also provides educational programs to develop human resources, to preserve our bountiful ocean for future generations. To pursue these activities, we prepare a wide range of contents in collaboration with educational sites.

As part of these efforts, we have released an animation for those who are new to J-OBIS to explain why its activities are so important. This video introduces the concept of biodiversity, and why it is essential to collect biodiversity information.

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Global Oceanographic Data Center(GODAC)

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