Accelerate simulation of powders with particle size distribution

DEM (Discrete Element Method), particle size distribution, parallelization, powder simulation
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Efficient use of shared memory parallel such as GPU
Simulation can be performed with reduced memory usage and memory access times
In a DEM simulation of a granular material having a particle size distribution, the present invention suppresses the amount of memory used and the number of memory accesses in order to speed up the calculation.
In particle powder simulation, when determining contact between particles, particle numbers are sorted in advance in ascending order of cell numbers to which they belong and in descending order of particle diameter. By using this data structure, it is possible to efficiently reduce the useless distance calculation between the particles existing in the neighboring cells and the particles not in contact with the particles.
Furthermore, when calculating the total contact force acting on particles, the increase of memory usage of the array can be suppressed by storing only the pair number with a particle larger than itself in the array that refers to the contact force between pairs.
Such a method is effective in reducing the amount of memory used and the number of memory accesses, particularly when dealing with a wide particle size distribution.
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Ground stability analysis, landslide, damage prediction of avalanche
Ceramic material manufacturing process, pharmaceutical process
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Particle simulation device and particle simulation method
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Daisuke Nishiura
Hide Sakaguchi