Culture substrate comprising cellulose gel having transparency under extreme environment

Cellulose gel, solid medium, microorganism, culture
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Culture substrate comprising cellulose gel that is transparent and easy to see even in extreme environments
The present invention provides a cellulosic gel culture substrate that can also be used for the isolation of not only the conventionally known bacteria, fungi, archaea, etc. that can grow under standard conditions but also unknown microorganisms living in a special environment such as high temperature, extreme pH, high salt concentration, or other extreme environment or in the presence of an organic solvent.
The present invention has the following configurations.
1) A culture substrate comprising a cellulose gel containing cellulose as a medium-solidifying component and water.
2) A solution of the cellulose in dimethylacetamide containing 8% (W/V) lithium chloride at a concentration of 2.5 mg/mL has a viscosity at 26 degree Celsius of 12 to 35 mPaS.
3) The cellulose concentration in the cellulose gel is 0.1 to 1.8%.
4) The light transmittance of the cellulose gel having a thickness of 2 mm and a wavelength of 500 nm is 25% or more.
The figure is a diagram showing the light transmittance of each culture substrate. The line a is 1% agar (comparative example), the line b is sample 2 (cellulose concentration 0.5%), the line c is sample 2 (1% of the same), the line d is sample 1 (1% of the same), the line e is sample 1 (3% of the same), and the line f is sample 3 (1% of the same).
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Microbial culture, plant callus culture
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Culture substrate comprising cellulose gel, solid medium using the same, and method for assaying cellulase activity using this medium
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Shigeru Deguchi
Mikiko Tsudome