Next meeting:
#5 February - March, 2017@Kobe
Past meetings:
#4 23-24 March, 2016@Kobe
-Draft Minutes (to be posted)
-Agenda book
#3 30-31 March, 2015@Yokohama
-Agenda book
#2 10-11 July, 2014@Yokohama
-Agenda book
#1 23-25 July, 2013@Yokohama
-Agenda book

Policies and Guidelines

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Upcoming Workshops




CIB support office
Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX), JAMSTEC
E-mail: cib-info (at)


The Chikyu IODP Board (CIB) will discuss and/or review the matters described below concerning the planning and the operations of Chikyu IODP expeditions and relevant programs, and provide suitable recommendations for JAMSTEC and other relevant parties.

  1. Annual Chikyu IODP Implementation Plans for the following Japanese fiscal year.
  2. Long-term Chikyu IODP Implementation Strategies for the following 4-5 years.
  3. Data management, core curation, publications, capacity building, outreach programs, and other related activities.
  4. The establishment of full-proposal formation workshops.
  5. Other related issues when a need arises.

CIB Terms of Reference (To be uploaded)

CIB Project Coordination Team (PCT) ToR (To be uploaded)
CIB Proposal Advisory Team (PAT) ToR (To be uploaded)

Members and Liaisons

Science members
Hodaka Kawahata / The University of Tokyo, Japan
J. Casey Moore / University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
James Mori Jiro /Kyoto University, Japan
Ben A van der Pluijm / University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Yoshiyuki Tatsumi(Chair) / Kobe University, Japan
Heinrich Vilinger / University of Bremen, Germany
Funding Agency
Eisho Sato / MEXT, Japan
Gilbert Camoin / European Managing Agency (EMA), CEREGE, France
Shin'ichi Kuramoto / Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX), JAMSTEC, Japan
Ken Miller / SEP Co-Chair, Rutgers University, USA
David Mallinson / SEP Co-Chair, East Carolina University, USA
Jamie Austin / IODP Forum Chair, University of Texas, Austin, USA
Anthony Koppers / JR Facility Board Chair, Oregon State University, USA
Gilles Lericolais / ECORD Facility Board Chair, IFREMER, France
Tsuyoshi Ishikawa / Kochi Core Center (KCC), Japan
Holly Given / IODP Science Support Office, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, USA
Brad Clement / JR Science Operator, Texas A&M University, USA
Robert Gatliff / European Science Operator (ESO), British Geological Survey, UK