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Organization Chart

Asahiko Taira
Executive Director
Yoshihisa Shirayama
Executive Director
Hitoshi Hotta
Executive Director
Hisashi Dobashi
Yasushi Taya
Yuko Maeda

Research Sector

Strategic Research and Development Area

  • Research and Development Center for Global Change (RCGC)
    • Marine Ecosystem Dynamics Research Group
    • Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction Research Group
    • Ocean Circulation Research Group
    • Global Chemical and Physical Oceanography Group
    • Arctic Ocean and Climate System Research Group
  • Research and Development Center for Ocean Drilling Science
    • Plate Boundary Drilling Research Group
    • Mantle and Continental Crust Drilling Research Group
    • Borehole Informatics Group
  • Research and Development Center for Earthquake and Tsunami
    • Ocean Floor observatory Technology Development Group
    • Earthquake and Tsunami Forecasting System Research Group
    • Seismogenic Zone Monitoring Research Group
    • Offshore Fault Evaluation Group
    • Structural Seismology Group
    • Integrated Earthquake Observation and Research Group
    • Marine Geology and Geophysics Group
    • Planning and Coordination Group
  • Research and Development Center for Marine Biosciences
    • Marine Functional Biology Group
    • Frontier Research Group
    • Marine Bioresource Exploration Research Group
  • Research and Development Center for Submarine Resources
    • Geobio-Engineering and Technology Group
    • Submarine Hydrothermal System Research Group
    • Resource Geochemistry Group
    • Ore Genesis Research Group
    • Environmental Impact Assessment Research Group
    • Exploration Research Group
    • Planning and Coordination Group
  • Application Laboratory (APL)
    • Climate Variability Prediction and Application Research Group (CVPARG)
    • Environmental Variability Prediction and Application Research Group (EVPARG)
    • Applied Marine Science Information Research Group (AMSIRG)
  • Project Team for Risk Information on Climate Change
    • Research Unit for Earth System Model Development and Application
    • Research Unit for Projection Technology Development
    • Research Unit for Reduction of Uncertainty in Climate Sensitivity
  • Project Team for Analyses of Changes in East Japan Marine Ecosystems
    • Research Unit for Ecosystem Changes
    • Research Unit for Marine Environmental Changes Monitoring
    • Research Unit for Habitat Mapping
    • Research Unit for Data Management

Development and Operation Sector

Marine Technology and Engineering Center (MARITEC)

  • Planning and Coordination Office
  • Marine Technology Development Department
    • Marine Key Technology Group
    • Underwater Vehicle Technology Group
    • Long-Term Observation Technology Group
    • Underwater Acoustic Technology Group
    • Marine Sensor Technology Group
  • Research Fleet Department
    • Planning Group
    • Ship Operations and Engineering Group
    • Underwater Vehicle Operations Group
    • Coastal Area and EEZ Coordination Group
    • Seafarer Team
  • Research Vessel Construction Office

Center for Earth Information Science and Technology (CEIST)

  • Planning and Coordination Office
  • Advanced Earth Information Research Department
    • Earth Simulation Research Group
    • Advanced Visualization and Computation Research Group
  • Geoinformatics Research Department
    • Data Synthesis Research Group
    • Data Dissemination Research Group
  • Information Systems Department
    • System Engineering and Operations Group
    • Computational Technology Group
    • High-Performance Computing (HPC) Application Research Group
    • Management Information Systems Group
  • Data Management and Engineering Department
    • Data Informatics Group
    • Data Management Group (DMG)
  • Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC)
    • Data Research and Development Group
    • General Affairs Division

Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX)

  • Planning and Coordination Office
  • Operations Department
    • Marine Operation Group
    • Drilling Operation Group
  • Technology Department
    • Technology Group I
    • Technology Group II
  • Science Services Department
    • Science Operation Group
    • Geological Evaluation Group
    • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Group

Administration Sector

Planning Department

  • Planning Division
  • Strategic Planning Division

General Affairs Department

  • General Affairs Division
  • Facility Management Division
  • YES General Affairs Division
  • Tokyo Office
  • Legal Affairs Division

Human Resources Department

  • Human Resources Division I
  • Human Resources Division II
  • Employee Relations Division
  • Employee Support Division

Finance and Contracts Department

  • Finance and Accounting Division
  • Finance Division
  • Contracts Division I
  • Contracts Division II

Cooperation and Partnerships Department

  • Collaborative Partnerships Division
  • External Funds Division
  • International Affairs Division

Public Relations Department

  • Public Relations Division
  • Press Division

Safety and Environment Management Office

Audit Office