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Organization Chart

Asahiko Taira
Executive Director
Yoshihisa Shirayama
Executive Director
Wataru Azuma
Executive Director
Motoshi Shinozaki
Yukihisa Washio
Yuko Maeda

Research Sector

Strategic Research and Development Area

Development and Operation Sector

Marine Technology and Engineering Center (MARITEC)

  • Planning and Coordination Office
  • Marine Technology Development Department
    • Marine Key Technology Group
    • Underwater Vehicle Technology Group
    • Long-Term Observation Technology Group
    • Underwater Acoustic Technology Group
    • Marine Sensor Technology Group
  • Research Fleet Department
    • Planning Group
    • Ship Operations and Engineering Group
    • Underwater Vehicle and observation system Operational technology Group
    • Coastal Area and EEZ Coordination Group
    • Seafarer Team

Center for Earth Information Science and Technology (CEIST)

  • Planning and Coordination Office
  • Advanced Earth Information Research Department
    • Earth Simulation Research Group
    • Advanced Visualization and Computation Research Group
  • Geoinformatics Research Department
    • Data Synthesis Research Group
    • Data Dissemination Research Group
  • Information Systems Department
    • System Engineering and Operations Group
    • Computational Technology Group
    • High-Performance Computing (HPC) Application Research Group
    • Management Information Systems Group
  • Data Management and Engineering Department
    • Data Informatics Group
    • Data Management Group (DMG)
  • Global Oceanographic Data Center (GODAC)
    • Data Research and Development Group
    • General Affairs Division

Center for Deep Earth Exploration (CDEX)

  • Planning and Coordination Office
  • Operations Department
    • Marine Operation Group
    • Drilling Operation Group
  • Technology Department
    • Technology Group I
    • Technology Group II
  • Science Services Department
    • Science Operation Group
    • Geological Evaluation Group
    • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Group

Project Team for Development of New-generation Research Protocol for Submarine Resources

  • Ore Genesis Research Unit
  • Development of Exploration & Operation System Unit
  • Multiple AUV Technology Unit
  • ROV Advanced System Technology Unit
  • Ecosystem Observation and Evaluation Methodology Research Unit
  • Long-Term Observation Technology Unit
  • Planning and Coordination Unit

Project Team for Climate Change Adaptation Technology

  • Research and Development Unit for Near-term Climate Projection Technology
  • Research and Development Unit for Downscaling Technology

Project Team for HPC Advanced Predictions utilizing Big Data

  • Research Unit for Mesoscale Weather Predictions
  • Research Unit for Predictability of Global Weather Extremes
  • Research and Development Unit for Atmospheric Chemistry Model Development and Application
  • Research and Development Unit for HPC Platform Technology

Administration Sector

Planning Department

  • Planning Division
  • Strategic Planning Division

General Affairs Department

  • General Affairs Division
  • Facility Management Division
  • YES General Affairs Division
  • Legal Affairs Division

Human Resources Department

  • Human Resources Division I
  • Human Resources Division II
  • Employee Relations Division
  • Gender Equality and Employee Support Division

Finance and Contracts Department

  • Finance and Accounting Division
  • Finance Division
  • Contracts Division I
  • Contracts Division II

Innovation promotion, Cooperation and Partnerships Department

  • Innovation Promotion Division
  • Research Contracts Division
  • International Affairs Division

Public Relations Department

  • Public Relations Division
  • Press Division

Safety and Environment Management Office

Audit Office

Innovation Promotion Office via Marine-Earth Science and Technology