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Research Institute for Marine Geodynamics (IMG)

Elucidating earthquakes and volcanic activity to aid disaster mitigation

We will use research vessels and observation tools to observe and research submarine earthquakes and volcanoes with universities and other relevant organizations to elucidate the current status of seismic and volcanic activity in the predicted hypocentral regions of the Nankai Trough where renewed seismic activity is feared, and in other waters around Japan and in the western Pacific region. We will also improve our methods for analyzing data obtained from these observations, and use large-scale, high precision numerical simulations to predict seismic and volcanic activity.

In addition to helping to mitigate disasters by broadly disseminating the scientific knowledge we have gained, we will endeavor to carry out research and observations and apply our research outcomes in line with SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities) in countries that suffer frequent disasters as a result of earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity.

Subduction Dynamics Research Center (SDR)
Research and Development Center for Earthquake and Tsunami Forecasting (FEAT)
Volcanoes and Earth’s Interior Research Center (VERC)

Shuichi Kodaira
Director-General, Research Institute for Marine Geodynamics (IMG)